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Manage Clusters

Viewing and Adding a new Cluster

You can view all your Clusters in the Clusters dashboard. This shows summary information from your Clusters and allows you to manage them.

Attach a Cluster to OGC

  1. Go to Clusters on Dashboard.
  2. Select +Add cluster;
  3. Name your new Cluster and optionally also provide a description;
  4. Select Create;
  5. Now copy the Helm install command;
  6. Run this command in your Cluster CLI;
  7. After some seconds the Cluster transitions to Attaching and then to Installing;
  8. A few minutes later it transitions to Up;
  9. The Cluster is now onboarded.

Add labels to a Cluster

  1. Start by selecting your Cluster;
  2. Select the Labels tab;
  3. Select + Add;
  4. Now add your label name and value;
  5. Labels can be strings or numeric;
  6. Select Save to keep your changes;
  7. The labels are now populated in the tab.

Assign a Cluster to a Project

You are required to be on a Scale plan in order to assign projects to a Cluster.

  1. Go to your Cluster details;
  2. Select the Projects tab;
  3. Select +Add;
  4. Now assign the Project by ticking its name;
  5. Multiple Projects can be selected;
  6. Select Save to keep your changes;
  7. The Projects are now listed in the tab.