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Manage your Organisation


Manage your organisation's users as an Owner

  1. Navigate to Settings on the dashboard;
  2. Go to the Team tab and you will see a list of Users;
  3. You can add new users by selecting + Invite;
  4. Fill in the user details and roles;
  5. The role can be Owner, Editor or Viewer;
  6. Finally select Invite. A new user is added to the Platform.

Update or delete User

  1. Select a user;
  2. Modify the role and select Save;
  3. To delete, select the user and then select Delete.


Organisations on free Platform plan cannot add or update a project. However, if you are on our Scale plan, then you can add multiple projects and manage them.

Create a new Project

  1. Navigate to Settings on the left navigation of the dashboard;
  2. The list of all projects appears under Projects tab;
  3. Select + Add project;
  4. Give a name to your Project;
  5. Select Create.

Update a project name

  1. Choose the project;
  2. Click on the Edit icon at the end of the corresponding project row;
  3. You can update its name in the dialog;
  4. Select Save.

Other Resources in your Organisation

Your Organization has access to various dashboards to view and manage resources:

  1. The overall organisation Dashboard provides an overview of Clusters, Projects, Packages, and Deployments.
  2. The Clusters page allows you to view and manage your clusters;
  3. The Project Overview shows summarised project information with clusters, packages and deployments specific to your Project;
  4. Packages are listed within your Project.
  5. The All Deployments page displays all the active deployments with status and other summary information;
  6. Finally the Settings page allows you to manage projects and users.