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Ori Global Cloud Introduction

What is Ori Global Cloud?

Ori Global Cloud (OGC) is a powerful application orchestration platform designed to simplify and automate the deployment and management of cloud-based applications. With OGC, users can easily configure and deploy complex applications across multiple cloud environments, including public and private clouds, with a few simple clicks. OGC's intuitive user interface and powerful orchestration features make it easy for developers and IT teams to manage and scale their applications with minimal effort. Whether you're looking to deploy a new application or optimize an existing one, OGC is the ideal solution for managing and orchestrating your cloud-based applications. What is OGC

Try Ori Global Cloud for Free

You can try Ori Global Cloud (OGC) for free with the OGC Free Tier. With it, you will be able to experiment and explore all the capabilities that OGC provides. You will have full access to all the features we provide so you can start creating, configuring and deploying your applications as it best suits you!

The OGC Free Tier limits users on the total amount of deployed containers an organization can have at any given time. Don’t worry, we’ve left it generous so you can play and experiment a lot! Next Steps Follow these three steps to get started with OGC Free Tier:

  1. Create an Ori Global Cloud account by visiting this link.
  2. Fill in the required fields and Submit.
  3. You will receive an email message to validate your email. Click on “Confirm email”.
  4. Log-in, explore and enjoy!

OGC Core Components

Below are the core components of Ori Global Cloud:

  1. Organisations provide tenancy with strong separation of resources on the Platform. Projects enable Organisations to separate their different resources per teams, with their own secrets, registries and packages.
  2. Clusters are automatically and securely onboarded to an Organisation via BYOC functionality.
  3. Packages enable Applications Services to be configured for Multi-cloud deployment within OGC, specifying policies, network routing, application container images and many other configuration items.
  4. Packages can be deployed across multiple clusters and clouds all at once, and OGC configures secure application to application connectivity across the multi-cloud infrastructure. Understanding OGC

Learn more about OGC. Start with Features, or follow our step-by-step Quick Start Guide.