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Quick Start Guide

No matter your level of expertise in ML and AI, OGC provides the necessary tools and resources for success. Our comprehensive documentation guides you through our services, from setting up your first GPU-powered VM to deploying advanced ML models.

Explore our documentation to learn more about our services, access practical guides, and discover resources designed to help you fully leverage OGC's cloud solutions.

Welcome to Ori Global Cloud – let's create the future together!

Join our platform

Create an Account

First things first, you need to sign up for an Ori Global Cloud account. Head over to our Sign-up page and create your account. Learn more about Sign-up here.

Using Ori Infrastructure Services

Request GPU Metal services

Contact us for access.

Spin up GPU VMs in an instant

  1. Select Launch VM on the Home screen. This will take you the the VMs List page.
  2. Select Launch New VM
  3. Fill in the form, specifying what GPU and providing your SSH key for access
  4. Launch your VM. Enjoy! If you need help contact Ori support.

You will need to subscribe to a payment plan to be able to launch your VMs.

Request GPU Kubernetes clusters with Ori Global Cloud

Request your Cluster on our platform - we will contact you to confirm your request and provision your service.

Using Ori ML Inference Orchestration

  1. Onboard K8s Clusters
  2. Deploy Hello-Ori package to try your first deployment
  3. Create an Ori Package & Add Containers
  4. Deploy Your Own Package !

Congratulations! You've successfully created and deployed your own first packaged application service using Ori Global Cloud. Keep exploring our platform to discover more powerful features and drive your multi-cloud journey forward.

Need further assistance or have questions? Our team is just a click away, or consult our comprehensive documentation. We're here to help! You can get Help and Support here.

Find Out More

Ori brings ease of access to GPUs and powerful ML Orchestration - There's a whole world of possibilities to explore with Ori Global Cloud. Check out our various User Guide sections to learn how you can leverage our integrated AI cloud.