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Release Notes

12 Feb 2024

  • Provision GPU VMs on Ori: Users can now provision on-demand GPU VMs on Ori, with powerful and cost optimised configurations. This feature puts some of the most powerful GPUs in industry on the hands of users.

6 Dec 2023

  • Provision GPU Clusters on Ori: Users can now provision custom GPU clusters on Ori, fully equipped with Kubernetes-as-a-Service. This feature enhances performance for specialized workloads and simplifies Kubernetes setup.

  • Deployment on Ori Platform using Terraform: Introducing Terraform support for deployment on the Ori Platform. This integration enables users to automate and manage their infrastructure using Terraform's toolset, streamlining the deployment process.

  • Stripe Integration for Billing & Usage Tracking: Our platform now integrates with Stripe for a seamless billing experience. Easily track usage directly through our interface.

10 Nov 2023

  • Released OGC Terraform Provider v0.2.1: Onboard clusters, configure ogc packages with project data source. This allows for quick and efficient setup of infrastructure on Ori, speeding up the time-to-market for applications across multi-cloud/on-prem. Know more.

  • API Tokens: Users can generate, assign, and monitor these tokens, ensuring secure and efficient interaction with external APIs. These tokens are crucial for integrating with our OGC Terraform Provider. Know more.