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Self-Heal of Running Deployment


Time to run through this this Tutorial Guide: ~5 minutes. Pre-requisite: 3 K8s clusters in one or more public clouds or on-premise.

Self-heal is a critical feature that contributes to the reliability and stability of modern application deployments. When a failure in the infrastructure is experienced, an automated action is triggered within Ori to address issues through deployment replanning.

In this tutorial you will explore, how quickly the system minimizes the impact of issues on the running deployment, resulting in a more resilient and available application environment. The tutorial will be using a package previously set up to demonstrate networking capability. Further, explore the deployment process, the self-healing feature, and the seamless migration of workloads across clusters.

Watch closely as it showcases how Ori ensures an uninterrupted user experience even in the face of catastrophic failures!

Let's dive in...