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Configuring Cluster Labels

Labels enable Clusters to be categorized with metadata. They exist as key-value pairs. By configuring labels, you can describe the K8s cluster characteristics and specificities.

Cluster labels are then used by the intelligent deployment engine of Ori Global Cloud (OGC) to match the Package policies to the available Clusters.

Add Labels to Clusters

Once the User has onboarded a cluster, the next step is to add Labels to that Cluster.

Here are the steps to add labels,

Cluster Details Labels

  1. Go the Labels tab on the Cluster details page.
  2. Click on + Add, however this changes to Edit once the labels are added.
  3. Configure labels in a key-value pair. There can be either String or Numeric. Multiple labels can be added or modified at the same time.
  4. Once added, click on Save.

Assign Labels to Cluster

Your cluster will now have labels describing its characteristics.


When required, the labels on a Cluster can be updated, however, once the cluster has one or more running Deployments changes can no longer be made to Labels until the Deployments are all stopped.