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Deployments Introduction

Package Deployments

Deploying packages on OGC is simple and secure. OGC deployments enable organisations to implement application deployment policies that help them address many of their main challenges such as latency, scale, security and regulation. Deployments are user initiated. The deployment plan is the the first step towards deploying Packaged applications with Ori. Understanding Deployments

Package Re-deployments

OGC also enables automated failover of application deployments, addressing Operational resilience requirements such as the Financial Services industry DORA regulation.

OGC Architecture

Managing Deployments

  • Package Deployments: Deployments are running instances of Packages.
  • Deployment Planning: Deployment plans include the set of information required to instantiate a Deployment into a Cluster.
  • Monitor Deployments: Monitoring provides a view of the workloads and deployment status.
  • Re-deployment: Ori enables re-deployment of Packages when conditions change.