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Ori GPU Metal


Welcome to the Ori GPU Metal Service, Ori Global Cloud's (OGC) premier bare metal solution, offering direct access to high-performance computing resources. This service is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of users seeking the uncompromised performance of dedicated hardware within a private cloud environment. The following documentation provides a detailed introduction to the capabilities, usage, and management of the Ori GPU Metal service, ensuring you can harness the full potential of bare metal for your demanding applications.

Ori GPU Metal Service Features

  • Direct Hardware Access: Experience the raw power of physical GPUs, CPUs, and storage without any virtualization overhead. The Ori GPU Metal service provides you with exclusive access to hardware, allowing for maximum performance and customization.

  • High-Performance Computing: Tailored for intensive workloads such as ML model training, data analytics, and scientific computations, our GPU Metal service delivers the computational might necessary to process large datasets and complex algorithms efficiently.

  • Customizable Configurations: Select from a range of hardware specifications to meet the unique demands of your projects. Customize your setup to achieve the optimal balance of processing power, memory, and storage.

  • Private Cloud Security: Benefit from the heightened security of a private cloud environment. With Ori GPU Metal, your resources are isolated, providing a secure space for sensitive computations and data storage.

  • Full Control and Flexibility: Enjoy complete control over your hardware, with the flexibility to configure the operating system, software stacks, and network settings to your exact specifications.

Ideal Use Cases

The Ori GPU Metal service is ideal for organizations and users who require:

  • A dedicated environment for compliance-sensitive ML/AI workloads.
  • Full customization and control over their computing infrastructure.
  • Elimination of noisy neighbor issues common in shared environments.
  • The ability to handle large-scale, performance-critical tasks without compromise.

Getting Started

To get started with the Ori GPU Metal service:

  1. Configuration and Setup: Choose your desired hardware specifications and set up your environment according to your project's requirements.
  2. Obtain Access: We will contact you to confirm your request and provide you with access details. We will need your ssh key for access. See our guide for setting up SSH keys.
  3. Management & Support: Oru team of trained infrastructure engineers will help you get going and support you all the way during your project.

Thank you for choosing Ori Global Cloud's GPU Metal service. We are excited to empower your high-performance projects with our dedicated bare metal solutions.