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Ori Global Cloud Resources

End-to-end AI/ML Cloud: covering all your needs

Your GPU VMs on-demand

Virtual machines equipped with state-of-the-art GPUs, optimized to handle complex ML tasks, from data processing to deep learning training.

Kubernetes tailored for ML

Choose between a serverless GPU Kubernetes service or create your own dedicated GPU K8s clusters, depending on your use case. Don't worry, we manage it for you.

Inference Orchestration

Intelligently deploy your ML inference workloads securely across multicloud. Scale dynamically depending on your needs and keep your workloads running with our state of the art orchestration engine.

Machine Learning Services

Get running fast with your on-demand server pre-configured for all your ML needs. For your larger scale projects get your own Kubeflow Machine Learning rig. No fuss - just get on with your work!