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Welcome 👋

Welcome to the technical documentation of Ori Global Cloud platform. Our platform allows organizations to deploy complex applications to multiple clouds within minutes, instead of months, by abstracting and automating networking and ensuring security. This means that you can focus on developing and deploying your applications, rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

This documentation will provide you with detailed information on how to set up and configure your Kubernetes clusters to work with our platform, as well as in-depth guides on how to package and deploy your applications using our unique technology. You will also find reference information on the platform's features and capabilities, including scaling, monitoring, and troubleshooting tools.

Whether you are a developer looking to deploy your applications in a production environment or an operations professional responsible for managing a fleet of applications, this documentation will provide you with the information you need to effectively use our platform.


  • 📝 Overview: Provides a high-level view of OGC's features;
  • 🚩 Quick Start Guide: Quick step-by-step guide to using OGC;
  • 🧭 User Guide: Detailed user guide to OGC;
  • 🙋‍♀️ Support: Get help and Frequently Asked Questions.