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Get Started

To get started with the Ori Bare Metal service:

Step 1: Navigate to the Bare Metal Offering

Once we signup to the Ori platform, begin by landing to our platform page, where you can see one of Ori's product offerings Bare Metal.

Step 2: Request a New Server

To set up a new bare metal server, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by selecting the New Server option.
  2. Select a configuration that meets your requirements. Our available configurations include 8xH100 SXM/PCIe and 8xL40S GPUs.
  3. Finalize your setup by clicking the Submit button to send your request.

Step 3: Obtain Access

We will contact you to confirm your request and provide you with access details. We will need your ssh key for access. See our guide for setting up SSH keys.

Step 4: Management & Support

Our team of trained infrastructure engineers will help you get going and support you all the way during your project.

Thank you for choosing Ori Global Cloud's GPU Metal service. We are excited to empower your high-performance projects with our dedicated bare metal solutions.