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Welcome to Ori Global Cloud

Ori Global Cloud (OGC) is the End-to-end AI/ML Cloud covering all your needs, specializing in GPU resources and services tailored for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. We are dedicated to empowering developers, data scientists, and organizations with our advanced cloud solutions, to revolutionise the world.

🆕What's New

Ori is excited to introduce Serverless Kubernetes, empowering users with scalable and efficient deployment options tailored to their needs. Explore the benefits of this new feature and how it can optimise your workflows.

Our Services

OGC offers a suite of services designed to meet the unique requirements of ML and AI, providing scalable, efficient, and robust cloud infrastructure:

  1. Virtual Machines (VMs): Specially designed for ML and AI, these virtual machines feature high-performance GPUs perfect for handling complex ML workloads, enabling rapid data processing and deep learning training. Our GPU VMaaS is tailored specifically for ML and AI applications, featuring state-of-the-art GPUs. These virtual machines are not only powerful but also finely tuned to handle complex and intensive ML workloads. They provide the computational horsepower necessary for high-speed data processing, deep learning training, and advanced analytics. With our GPU VMaaS, you can expect accelerated model training times, real-time inference capabilities, and overall enhanced performance for all your AI-driven projects.

  2. Bare Metal: Offering reserved compute power for ML training needs and other intensive uses, our GPU Baremetal Service provides direct access to physical GPU hardware. This service is ideal for scenarios requiring dedicated, high-performance computing resources without the overhead of virtualization. It ensures maximum performance and control, making it suitable for the most demanding ML training tasks, high-performance computing (HPC), and situations where data sovereignty and regulatory compliance are critical.

  3. Serverless Kubernetes: This service provides high-performance GPU resources in a serverless framework, ideal for demanding AI/ML tasks like model training and real-time inference. Our Serverless Kubernetes service revolutionizes the way you run AI/ML workloads. By integrating high-performance GPU resources, this service enables efficient and scalable deployment of AI-driven applications. It takes away the hassle of managing infrastructure, allowing you to focus solely on building and optimizing your ML models. With GPU Serverless K8s, you benefit from automated resource scaling, ensuring that GPU usage is maximized for cost-effectiveness and performance. This service is ideal for scenarios demanding rapid, on-demand GPU resources for tasks like model training and inference, offering an agile and efficient environment for your AI/ML endeavors.

  4. Storage: For AI/ML applications running GPU VMs, object storage is essential for handling vast amounts of data required for training models, storing datasets, and managing output results. The object storage provides the necessary scalability and performance to ensure that data is readily accessible and manageable, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of AI workflows.

Capabilities - How Ori helps your AI/ML projects

OGC's cloud infrastructure supports a broad range of ML and AI capabilities:

  • Data Processing and Analytics: Efficiently process and analyze large datasets, crucial for the initial stages of the ML lifecycle.

  • Model Development and Training: High-performance GPUs for developing and training complex ML models, reducing time-to-insight.

  • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML): Simplify model development with minimal coding, enabling creation of high-quality models with less expertise.

  • Model Optimization and Tuning: Tools and services for fine-tuning ML models to ensure peak performance and accuracy.

Join Ori Global Cloud

You can join Ori Global Cloud (OGC) for free. You will be able to experiment and explore all the capabilities that OGC provides, with full access to all features so you can start accessing all our services.

Follow these simple steps to get started with OGC:

  1. Create an Ori Global Cloud account by visiting this link.
  2. Fill in the required fields and Submit.
  3. You will receive an email message to verify your email. Click on “Confirm email”. Any issues? Get in touch via our Support.
  4. Log-in, explore and enjoy!

Although you can explore the platform for free, to use its full capabilities such as spinning GPU infrastructure you will need to subscribe to a payment plan and provide your payment details.

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