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Billing and Payments


The billing system on Ori Global Cloud is designed to provide you with a transparent and manageable approach to handling your cloud expenses. This section outlines how billing works, including payment methods, thresholds, VAT considerations and terms & conditions for the services we provide.

Payment Methods and Details

Adding Payment Methods

  • To utilise Ori Global Cloud services, you must first register a payment method. go to Organisation settings, then Under Billing and Usage then select Create account.
  • Payment details are securely stored and provided via Stripe, our payment processing partner.
  • Upon registration of a payment method, you authorize Ori Industries to store your payment details to facilitate future transactions.

Default Payment Method

  • The payment method designated as "Default" will be automatically charged at each billing cycle or upon reaching the payment threshold.
  • You can manage your payment methods, including setting a default, changing, adding, or deleting details, through the user interface provided.

Billing Thresholds

Payment Threshold

  • Billing is triggered when the cost of billable services reaches a predetermined payment threshold ($50 ex. local taxes by default).
  • You will receive notifications before your registered payment method is charged.
  • The threshold is set to ensure you have control over your spending and can anticipate billing events.

Threshold Upgrade Requests

  • If you wish to adjust your payment threshold, requests can be made through Ori's support channels at

Billing and Invoices


  • Billing for services starts when they become available and ceases upon service termination.
  • Services are billed per minute to ensure you only pay for what you use.
  • Payment will be triggered when the billing threshold is reached or otherwise monthly (starting from the first invoice).

Local Taxes and Pricing

  • All displayed prices on Ori Global Cloud do not include local tax.

Payment Issues and Service Suspension

Service Provisioning

  • Users are required to have a valid payment method registered before provisioning any services on the platform.

Failed Payments

  • If a payment fails to process, all services will be at risk of suspension after 8 hours and will be subject to removal after a minimum period of 48 hours.
  • You will be notified of the payment failure and the impending service suspension.
  • Services will be reinstated once the outstanding payment is settled.

Service Suspension

  • In the event of a service suspension due to payment issues, users will have a brief period to update their payment method and settle any unpaid bills before services are permanently removed.
  • Services will be reinstated once the outstanding payment is settled.


See the following page for Billing Agreement information.


Managing your billing on Ori Global Cloud is straightforward. We provide all the necessary tools and support to ensure that you can focus on leveraging our platform's services without worrying about complex billing issues. For further assistance or inquiries regarding billing, please reach out to our support team at